• Address : State of Kuwait, Hawalli, Cairo Street Area 5, Street No.133, Building No. 900011
  • Time : Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm * Friday & Saturday (closed)

Daycare Centers

Educational services rendered at Day Care Centers seek to increase the knowledge base of each child, boost his/her academic skills and raise their awareness of various aspects, environments and systems surrounding them.

Al-Ahmadi Governorate

The center was inaugurated in September 2001 and is considered the most extensive of the Society’s centers and its flagship achievement. It consists of a basement floor, a ground floor and a first floor, and includes 50 classrooms, hearing and phonetics laboratories, a psychological evaluation section and physical therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy facilities. The building also proudly presents behavior alteration rooms, sensory effect rooms, a physician’s clinic and a dental clinic, in addition to a multi-function hall, a dining area and an auditorium.

The Society has established a specialized vocational rehabilitation department, employing qualified instructors vested with the responsibility of raising an independent generation of children, who are able to interact and inter-mingle with mainstream society. This emanates from the Society’s awareness of the magnitude of problems confronting handicapped children after graduating school at the age of seventeen, and being forced to cease learning after that stage, hence becoming prone to depression and isolation. The vocational rehabilitation department consists of specialized handicraft workshops (painting, pottery, embroidery, sewing), in addition to a model home that aims to train the children on various behaviors and daily activities, and to teach them about domestic life and self-care.