• Address : State of Kuwait, Hawalli, Cairo Street Area 5, Street No.133, Building No. 900011
  • Time : Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm * Friday & Saturday (closed)

Vocational Training

Vocational training is designed to include specialized workshops that aim to develop abilities for life and to empower people with disabilities to be effective members of society.

Computer Science

Children are trained on using computers, creating different cards and printing brochures and flyers.

Photocopying and Lamination

Students are trained on the use of regular and colored copy machines, making copies of various sizes, cleaning out the machines and using lamination equipment.


Students are trained on selecting types of wood, names of tools, methods of use, as well as the correct way of cutting and sawing. They are then instructed on assembling pieces and painting them.


Students are taught to disassemble and re-assemble pieces of furniture, to carry out tapestry work on chairs and sets as well as to add the necessary accessories.


Children are trained on handling thermal clay and acquainted with tools used in making pots, in addition to preparing the clay, shaping it and flattening it out. They are also taught how to manually produce pottery items, color the pots and use pottery kilns.

Laundry (Washing and Ironing)

Children undergo training on utilizing various automatic washing machines and dryers, hand washing and ironing in an ordinary way or using steam irons.


Sewing includes learning about sewing tools and how to use and maintain them, teaching different stitches, needlework and embroidery, making bedspreads, quilts, dolls and dolls, decorating their crafts with different materials such as beads, crystals, colored ribbons, etc.

Arts and Crafts

Students are trained to use various materials and supplies for the production of accessories, bags, lamps, gift boxes, bathroom and kitchen sets, etc.


Agriculture is an enriching method and a physical activity that includes a variety of tasks. It contributes to granting confidence and development of the capacity for analysis, production and creativity. On the other hand, it relieves feelings of stress and tension and helps to relax, calm and breathe fresh air. Agricultural activity also contributes to improving the cognitive abilities and social skills of students with disabilities in addition to motor and speech skills.

Japanese "Saori" Weaving

Students learn Japanese Saori weaving as it is a free style manual weaving easy to learn and do because everyone who uses it can express himself freely, regardless of age, gender, disability or intellectual aptitude. He can also enjoy weaving using his own creativity. In this type of weaving, what is called a mistake is considered, since each weave has a special character and loose threads at its edges and unintended mistakes only increase the beauty of this weaving. It is well received by students and their families, as well as all of those who see it and most of the Saori products are sold in exhibitions, festivals and other artistic events.