• Address : State of Kuwait, Hawalli, Cairo Street Area 5, Street No.133, Building No. 900011
  • Time : Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm * Friday & Saturday (closed)

Residential Care

The Society provides complete resident services and full care for children with severe and multiple disabilities that are difficult to accommodate at home. These children reside at the Society on a full-time basis, on condition that they are collected by their parents on weekends and during summer vacations to endorse family ties and interaction.

Cases Referred to Complete Care

Recent international legislations, the latest of which is the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities uphold that the family is the most natural and suitable place for nurturing normal child growth and development. Studies have indicated that regardless of the efficiency and quality of residential institutions, they cannot replace the family and for that reason the Society has limited the admission of children with disabilities to the Complete Care Department. This is on the premise that children should not be separated from their families unless it is absolutely necessary to do so and in accordance with specific rules and conditions, hence families are required to collect their children during weekends and summer vacations.

The Society provides comprehensive clinical services, medical care, nursing assistance and recreational services to Full Care children.

The Society accepts the following
cases at the Full Care Department

Children with severe disabilities most of which constitute cerebral palsy, intellectual and motor disabilities and at times sensory disability accompanied by some other issues such as epilepsy, eating problems, difficulties in chewing and swallowing etc. Current resident cases include cerebral palsy with mental retardation, cerebral palsy with blindness, intellectual disabilities with blindness, cerebral palsy and general delayed development, cerebral palsy with normal intelligence and some special cases, like the death of a parent and severe disability of a child, warranting full residential care