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The Kuwait Society for the Handicapped is a member of several international organizations operating in the field of disability and is considered as a regional center for some of these organizations.

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The Society is a member of the following organizations

Rehabilitation International

Rehabilitation International (RI) is an international network for persons with disabilities working to improve the quality of their lives. RI has over 1,000 member organizations in (96) countries worldwide. It was developed by volunteer efforts of persons and institutions seeking to serve persons with disabilities and enable them to get their rights. It is noteworthy to mention that this pioneer Organization employs the services of specialists capable of preparing the necessary programs and studies for all kinds of disabilities.

The Kuwait Society for the Handicapped has been a member in Rehabilitation International since 1976 and some of its members occupy significant positions there. Mrs. Munira Khaled Al Mutawa, Chair of KSH, holds a position of the RI National Secretary for the State of Kuwait, Vice Chair of the RI Institution for Arab Region and Chair of the RI ICTA Global for Arab Region. The former Director General of the Society holds a position of the RI Vice President for Arab Region since 2016 and is a member of the RI Nominating Committee since 1996.

Inclusion International

Inclusion International is a global federation of organizations advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

Inclusion International aims to promote human rights for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families, their inclusion in the society and help and support organizations and individuals that are its members.

The Kuwait Society for the Handicapped joined the Inclusion International in 1976.

VSA State Organization for Arts and Disability

VSA is a specialized, non-profit organization that provides artistic programs and activities in various fields. It was established in 1974 by the Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith in Washington D.C., USA. It is a member of The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center and provides educational and artistic activities and programs in different fields such as visual arts, music, dance, drama and creative writing for students and artists with disabilities. These programs are realized through participation of the Organization’s affiliates from all American States in addition to (80) countries worldwide.

The Organization aims at presenting achievements of persons with disabilities to the society through their artistic and creative contributions, showcasing their talents and breaking the barriers that prevent them to be included in society through various artistic events like international festivals, exhibitions and educational programs. The Organization considers arts as very important in early education process as they help children to develop their oral and written skills as means of communication that increases their social skills and enables them to develop a strong learning base.

The Society joined the VSA Organization in 1994.

The Makaton Charity

Makaton is a language program specifically designed to develop communication, language and literacy skills for children and adults with learning and communication difficulties. This program was introduced to the State of Kuwait in 1988 by Mrs. Sabeeka Saad Al-Jasser, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Society, after it was translated and modified to suit the Kuwaiti environment. The Society established the Makaton Center Kuwait and the Gulf under its umbrella.