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Social Services

The Social Services Departments at the Society are responsible for registering new cases and designating files for them upon approval of the Admission Commission. These units receive new children and conduct orientation meetings with their parents with participation of staff to ensure the completeness of student data. This is also done to follow-up on home programs and to provide the necessary guidance and instruction for parents as the basis of cooperation between the Centers and respective homes.

Social workers monitor daily and repeated absences at the Day Care Centers while advising staff of each child’s social requirements through daily communication between the social worker and the teacher throughout the entire academic year.

Social Services Departments are also responsible for organizing educational trips and parties for children of the Center aiming to include children with disabilities with their peers in the society. They also regularly welcome visits from government school students in order to educate them on how to properly deal with their peers with disabilities in an effort to break the psychological barrier between them.

The main Social Services Department at the KSH headquarters supervises the Family Support Fund that is endorsed by the Society members who provide financial and other aid to needy families.