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Importance of Volunteering in the Society

In 1987, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated the 5th of December of each year as an “International Day of Volunteers” and called upon all governments and organizations to celebrate this day in honor of volunteer work and volunteers and their devoted efforts in various human fields.

The Holy Quran and earlier religions have encouraged volunteer work for the benefits it bestows first on the volunteers themselves and subsequently on those around them. It is certainly a selfless feat that fills the soul with satisfaction, content and a sense of belonging to the homeland and instills a deep sense of appreciation for the gifts of health, money and sound mind.

By virtue of KSH’s encouragement of volunteer work aimed at promoting the notion of social solidarity, compassion and cooperation commanded by all religions, we reach out to all our local youths and invite them to utilize their free time and worthy potential in a most fruitful and beneficial way, since Kuwait and the Society need their energy, mature minds and good hearts.

Our sincerest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation go out to all those persons who embody an ideal example of giving, empathy and human integration. We are grateful to volunteers of the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped working behind the scenes ever so diligently and selflessly, without expecting anything in return. Those who said our Holy Prophet, May God bless him and grant him peace:

"God served them and guided them to meet the needs of people, their love for good and the love of good for them, those who survive the torment of the Day of Judgment”.

Actions taken by the Society to achieve the goals of volunteering:

- We work to establish the value of volunteer work and promote its concept among all categories of the society.

- We contribute to developing volunteer work by communicating with volunteers.

- We expedite volunteer procedures and define their objectives.

- We form close bonds with our volunteers and continuously invite them to participate in all activities organized by the Society.

- We believe that dedicated volunteer work is the basis on which the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped stands.

Volunteering Opportunities in the Society

The Society welcomes volunteers at all its departments, whether it is a Full Care or Educational Centers. They may opt for the morning shifts at the Full Care premises in the headquarters of the Society and the Educational Centers, or for evening shifts at the Full Care department in the headquarters. Volunteers also participate in the daily routine of children, encompassing educational, cultural and rehabilitation activities, as well as in physical therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy departments. Volunteers can also assist in teaching children how to eat independently and accompanying them on entertainment trips organized by the Society or volunteers themselves.

Volunteers Form

All fields are mandatory.

Kuwait Society need regular and continuous volunteers’ sharing in addition to determine the appropriate time for volunteers to be able to put its program of activities in line with the programs for the children.

Please in the case of absence, inform management so that it can reorganize the program.