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Nutrition and Feeding

The Kuwait Society for the Handicapped provides food and nutrition services to resident children while ensuring that the meals served contain all necessary nutrients according to their height, weight, type of disability and motor activities.

A nutritionist is responsible for devising suitable individual nutrition plan in accordance with the periodic medical and laboratory test results of each child determining the type and quantity of food. Some supplements may be used in conjunction with meals, particularly since many of the children suffer from delayed development.

The following must be taken into account when developing a diet

Difficulty chewing and swallowing

Oral and dental problems.

Vomiting and rumination.

Food sensitivity to certain foods (such as eggs, peanuts, milk, wheat and nuts).

The food sensitivity of some autistic children to gluten and casein, and therefore care should be taken to keep their foods free of these two substances.

In order to overcome the previous difficulties, the following must be observed:

The food should be served fresh, and no preserved or canned foods should be served or contain artificial flavors or colours.

The food should be boiled and mashed to suit cases that have difficulties in chewing and swallowing.

The liquids should be denser.

Taking into account the healthy position of the child when feeding, especially the position of the head, chest and limbs.

The texture of the meals that are provided to children who have problems in the digestive system or the mouth is taken into account, and there are mashed meals that are provided to children who have less ability to chew and swallow in addition to the fear of inhaling food and entering the lung. As for liquid meals, they are provided through the intestinal tube for children Those who have problems in the digestive system and are unable to chew and swallow food and have food reflux. There are also special meals, which are offered to children who are allergic to certain foodstuffs.