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  • Time : Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm * Friday & Saturday (closed)

Psychological services

The Psychology Departments at the KSH Day Care Centers conduct psychological tests on new students to complete their file requirements and to present the same to the Admission Commission.

The psychological services include providing a psychologically sound environment for children that is maintained by conducting periodical psychological evaluations of all students. This is done in conjunction with monitoring the child’s conduct, rectifying undesired behavior and hence initiating psychological intervention. Art and education staff is regularly guided and instructed with regards to the psychological attributes and needs of each child, while the concept of correcting negative behavior is looked upon as a significant program offered to the students.

These psychological services also include home care by means of regular family guidance throughout the year, whereby parents and family members are advised on the best means for dealing with the child, strengthening their awareness of their child’s disability and appropriately linking the family with the relevant training program.