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Makaton Vocabulary Development Program (MVDP)

This is a non-profit British charity organization, to which the Society holds program utilization, translation and copy rights.

Makaton is a language program that has been purposefully designed to develop communication, language, reading and writing skills of adults and children with communication and learning difficulties. These include adults and children with intellectual and physical disabilities, persons with autism and Down’s syndrome and especially those with linguistic disorders. The program embodies a comprehensive means of communication, utilizing speech, signs and symbols to improve a person’s ability of self expression and the processing of received information. It also helps the child to interact with those around him.

The vocabulary used was designed by Mrs. Margret Walker, Speech Therapist and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Speech Disorders at Saint George College – University of London in early seventies. Subsequently, the Makaton Vocabulary Development Project was established in 1978 as a British charity.

The Project has been introduced to 40 nations worldwide and to Kuwait and several Gulf states in 1988, after modifying and translating it to accommodate needs and requirements of the local community, taking into account Arab and Islamic concepts. This was jointly accomplished by Mrs. Sabeeka Saad Al Jasser, KSH Vice Chair and Director of the Makaton Center Kuwait and the Gulf and Mrs. Margaret Walker. The terms were also equated with sign language utilized by the Kuwaiti deaf community and new signs were introduced to serve Islamic faith and Arab traditions.

Makaton Center Kuwait and the Gulf works on providing training courses and lectures that help professionals, teachers and parents in understanding the program and implementing it with children and adults with disabilities. The Center also produces educational materials and sign and symbol resources, in addition to video clips, instructional brochures and software that contribute to applying the program effectively and efficiently. A certified team of licensed lecturers is available to provide the necessary training, give advice and avail general information about the program in Kuwait and the Gulf Region.

The Center holds training courses in some Gulf and Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon, along with organizing trainings for qualified and certified lecturers to introduce the program in their centers and institutions.

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