• Address : State of Kuwait, Hawalli, Cairo Street Area 5, Street No.133, Building No. 900011
  • Time : Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm * Friday & Saturday (closed)
Under the patronage of the Governor of Ahmadi, Sheikh Fawaz Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, and with the support of Burgan Bank, the governorate delivered a number of devices and supplies to the day care center of the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped in the South Sabahiya region, as part of its initiative that would achieve the goal of sustainability, rehabilitation and integration into society, and meets some of the necessary needs of the center’s members with disabilities of all categories. The equipment included a number of machines for printing, packaging, cutting, wood burning, embroidery, and sewing, a heat press for printing cups, an interactive whiteboard, a loom that works with hands and feet, and other tools and supplies that help develop the capabilities of male and female students and help them achieve their creativity in the center’s rehabilitation workshops. After a tour that included a number of rehabilitation workshops for male and female students, during which the attendees listened to an explanation from the students and their teachers about the activities and training at the center, the Director of the Technical Office in Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Ibrahim Al-Foudari, expressed his and the governorate’s overwhelming happiness with the directives of the Ahmadi Governor, Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khaled, who is always keen to support people with disabilities and organizing activities and events that would integrate them into society and qualify them to work in the government and private sectors, praising the success of the day care center in integrating the creative members of the center and qualifying them for the labor market, which deserves support from everyone.